For some writers the rehearsal room is a difficult place to be – but not for me. I love rehearsal and often do major rewrites in the process of creating a production. Plays are concrete entities and need to work physically and visually. The writer needs to pay close attention to what the space and the actor are telling him about the nature of his or her own work.

For me, rehearsal can be a dramaturgical process – and I have been fortunate to have enjoyed working with many directors who have also revelled in that process. There are always disagreements, but these are generally not personal and come from a desire to clarify the nature of the piece we are working on. Only once in thirty years have I fallen out with a director – but even then compromises were reached and the eventual production was very good indeed. For my part, if I have undermined a director or misunderstood the nature of their individual process then I apologise here!

Training to be a director is no easy matter; in the end one can really only learn by trial and error. Having been involved in so many trials and quite a few errors, I have become very interested in directing some, but by no means all, of my own work.

Key directing credits to date include: