The Ghosts of Scrooge (a musical)

Book by Charles Way. Music by Richard Taylor.


Based, of course, on A Christmas Carol, this text uses the famous story to argue with Dickens about the plausibility of a man like Scrooge becoming ‘nice’ overnight. Here it is the will of Bob Cratchit and wife plus some politically motivated ghosts that engineer the turnabout in Scrooge’s character.

None of the famous scenes are lost however and the adaptation stays true to Dickens beginning, middle and cathartic end.


The cast included all the characters you would expect, the younger ones played by local school children.



‘A Christmas carol has been staged many times before, though never quite like this. Charles Way (Words) and Richard Taylor (Music) have crafted a contemporary retelling that proves to be both psychologically acute and harmonically audacious. It’s the children’s Christmas treat that even the discerning Sondheim fan can enjoy. 4 Stars.’ The Guardian

‘Highly Recommended.’ Manchester Evening News

Production history

The Ghosts of Scrooge was commissioned by Library Theatre, Manchester, directed by Roger Haines and choreographed by Liam Steele.

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