Eye of the Storm

By Charles Way

A play for four actors originally commissioned by Snap Theatre and rewritten for the West Yorkshire Playhouse. The play was written for a teenage audience but has also played successfully to adult audiences. It is currently in production in Germany and America.


Eye of the Storm is a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest from Miranda’s point of view, as she struggles to grow up on a magic island controlled by her father Prospero. When two other young people arrive on the island, Trinculo (a laddish sailor) and Stephano (who is really Stephanie but has dressed as a boy and run away from home), the underlying tensions and conflicts between daughter and father are accelerated in an amusing and dramatic way. Will Miranda escape the island? Will she find out the truth about her long-lost mother?

Cast size

4 actors (2M 2F)


  • Miranda
  • Prospero
  • Trinculo
  • Stephano /Stephanie
  • Ariel.


  • ‘Teenagers all over the country have been enjoying this witty, perceptive and enormously entertaining play.. capturing the eternal struggle of youngsters to grow up and fly the nest.’
    South Wales Argus
  • ‘Charles Way’s script is a skilful blend of the poetic and colloquial.’
    Times Educational Supplement
  • ‘The script has a perfectly easy relationship with its literary ancestor, is written in language which manages to be both basic and poetic.’ The Irish Times
  • ‘An intelligent, erudite but accessible take on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Theatr Iolo’s version is but the latest production of what I suspect will become a classic.’
    David Adams, The Western Mail

Available from

Eye of the Storm is published by Aurora Metro Press in Plays For Young People (together with Red Red Shoes and Playing from the Heart).
ISBN 0-9536757-1-8

Age suitability

Suitable for older children and teenagers to perform.


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