Merlin and The Cave of Dreams

By Charles Way

‘My name is Merlin, I dream perfect dreams that will last to the end of the world’


The King is dead and the green Kingdom is in turmoil as it seeks a new heir. Only the wizard Merlin knows the future lies in the hands of the young boy Arthur, a boy brought up by a loving couple (Sir Ector and Gwyneth) whom he believes to be his birth parents. On his fourteenth birthday however, Arthur learns that he is in fact the heir to the throne. Confused and angry, he runs into the woods and finds Merlin’s ‘Cave of Dreams’. It is here that his past and future are revealed in glorious visions and adventures that will change his life forever.

Merlin and the Cave of Dreams looks specifically at the challenges the young have searching for identity and purpose in life. It uses themes of adoption and parenting to shed light on a journey experienced by all of us – growing up. In the cave of dreams Arthur meets arrange of mythic beings who help him on his journey: Rhitta the giant and the enormously ugly Washer at the ford. He travels to Avalon to talk to his deceased mother (Igraine) and then onward to confront his birth father, Uther Pendragon.

Minimum cast size

7 (5M 2F) – but the cast size can be increased considerably and the play would be suitable for youth theatres.


  • Merlin
  • Arthur
  • Cei
  • Gwyneth /washer at the ford
  • Ector /Rhitta of the Beards
  • Igraine
  • Uther Pendragon

Production history

Merlin and The Cave of Dreams was commissioned and first performed by Imagination Stage in Bethesda, Washington USA. Following this production it was nominated for a prestigious Helen Hayes Award in the category of Outstanding New Play of 2004.

It was subsequently produced at the Library Theatre in Manchester England, and by the Sherman Theatre in Wales.

Available from

Merlin and the Cave of Dreams is published by Aurora Metro Press.
ISBN 0-9551566-0-2

Age suitability

Suitable for all from six years and over – a play for all the family.


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