One Snowy Night

By Charles Way

One Snowy Night is an hour-long play (with music) for four-to-eight year-olds, their friends and families. It is set in Iceland and is inspired by the work of Halldor Laxness.


One Snowy Night is a journey play set in an isolated part of Iceland at the beginning of the last century. Winter still has its grip on the land when Nonni’s mother declares that she must travel to a safer place to have her new baby. Bjartur, Nonni’s father, insists that Nonni is old enough to stay at home and look after the sheep, especially his favourite Gullbra. Nonni is angry and upset – and finds no comfort in the fact that Bjartur leaves his favourite sheepdog Titla behind as company. Boy and dog are both displeased. After his parents leave there is a great storm and Gullbra the sheep runs off into the snowy wastes. Nonni is frightened of letting his father down and sets off after the sheep. Titla the dog follows and an amazing event occurs – suddenly boy and dog can understand each other perfectly, but who is speaking ‘dog’ language and who is speaking ‘man’ language?

Their journey in search of Gullbra leads them into an amazing landscape, both real and metaphorical. On the great glacier they meet the ice troll, and at the tip of the volcano they meet the fire troll. Both are mortal enemies – but both need each other to create the land. Will Nonni escape their great conflict? Will he ever find Gullbra? Will he find his way home and if he does what will his parents say – and what will his new sister or brother be like?


  • Nonni
  • Titla
  • Father / The Stag / The Fire Troll
  • Mother / The Ice Troll.

Production history

One Snowy Night was commissioned and first produced by The Chichester Festival Theatre.

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Age suitability

Suitable for 4-8 year-olds, their friends and families.


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