Playing from the Heart

By Charles Way

Play with music, principally percussion. Length: 1 hour 15 mins.


Playing from the Heart is a play about the childhood of the world famous percussionist Evelyn Glennie. It’s a gritty yet poetic piece which tells how Evelyn became a musician despite becoming profoundly deaf between eight and twelve years old. The realistic narrative is linked by a series of imagistic set pieces, which explore the inner world of the deaf child. The play explores themes of family love, overcoming impossible barriers and the very nature of art/music. It provides an opportunity to present a rich mix of movement, music and text.


Five actors (3M / 2F) and one percussionist.

Production history

The play was first commissioned and produced by Polka Theatre and nominated by the TMA as best children’s play. It has had many productions, notably at the ARC in Dublin

Available from

Playing from the Heart is published by Aurora Metro Press in Plays For Young People (together with Eye of the Storm and Red Red Shoes).
ISBN 0-9536757-1-8

Age suitability

For ages 6-12.


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