Red Red Shoes

By Charles Way

A dance drama that won for the author the Arts Council of England’s Children’s Award in 2004.


The play tells the story of Franvera who lives in a country ‘so very near so very far away’ who on her birthday is given a pair of red dancing shoes. When her country collapses into war and ethnic cleansing, the shoes become both her link with her old life and also a symbol of the trauma she suffers.

Cast size

The play was originally written for a cast size of seven, but has also been performed by four, very energetic actor/dancers.


  • Franvera
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Anna
  • Old lady
  • Red Beard
  • Doctor

(The cast takes on various roles as villagers, soldiers, children etc.)

Production history

Red Red Shoes was first produced in a co-production between The Unicorn Theatre and The Place. It has since been performed in America and Germany and by the City of London School for Girls with a cast of around 40.

Available from

Red Red Shoes is published by Aurora Metro Press in Plays For Young People (together with Eye of the Storm and Playing from the Heart).
ISBN 0-9536757-1-8

Age suitability

Suitable for 8 to 13 year-olds.


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