A Spell of Cold Weather

By Charles Way

A Spell of Cold Weather won the Writer’s Guild Award for Best Children’s Play.


The play is set on a farm, which is the home of two down-in-the-mouth farmers, Betty and Bob. They have lost touch with each other, their animals and their own culture. In the time between Christmas and New Year Betty and Bob get a surprise – their little niece Holly needs to come and stay because her Mum is having an operation. When Holly arrives she feels very alone – in a strange world with no friends. Things pick up however when she meets Tomos Trickman – a puck-like fairy who explains to Holly how the two farmers have forgotten how to sing, dance and play games, and worst of all the refuse to believe he exists and have stopped putting food out for him in the traditional manner. Together, Holly and Tomos bring the farm back to spiritual health and the play ends with an unforgettable magical New Year’s night party.


  • Betty
  • Bob
  • Holly
  • Tomos (who also plays all the animals)


'A show that addresses children's intrinsic sense of things unspoken and their capacity to embrace the realm of enchantment.' Time Out

Production history

The play was first commissioned and produced by The Sherman Theatre Cardiff and Theatre Centre. It has since been produced many times in Britain and abroad.

Available from

A Spell of Cold Weather is published by Aurora Metro Press.
ISBN 0-9542330- 8-5

Age suitability

An hour-long play for 4 to 8 year-olds, their friends and families.


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