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If you have found this website it probably means that you are interested in theatre and in particular theatre for young people, children and their families and I bid you welcome.

Here you will find information about the plays I have been writing over the past thirty years, including plays for adults, adaptations and musicals.

There are synopses of the plays and information about how to get hold of scripts, either for professional or for amateur use.


Production news of Charles Way's plays – Autumn 2021

After nearly two years of inactivity I'm pleased to say that new productions are slowly but surely beginning to crop up. Not that I wasn't busy during lockdown.

I was able to complete The Two Brothers, a new play for young people for Cahoots NI. No production dates are set as yet but hopefully in 2022/3. The play concerns the childhoods of two farmers-whose lives take radically different directions.

The American tour of Under the Hawthorn Tree fell victim to the pandemic and The Vanishing Elephant tour has been pushed back until 2023.

My continuing creative relationship with Cahoots NI has led me be involved as Writer on their new walk through show, The Grimm Hotel. Created by Paul McEneany, it takes place in a specially constructed set of 'rooms' and is technically and visually stunning. As the title suggests, the stories of the Grimm Brothers are central to the experience – which is for everyone over eight years old.
The Grimm Hotel opens on October 12 and initially runs to the end of the month at the Cityside Leisure Park in Belfast.

Playing from the Heart is a play about the childhood of the world famous percussionist Evelyn Glennie. It opens at Theater Dortmund Germany on the September 24.

TOI TOI TOI – to all those involved in the production.

Sadly, there is very little going on here in Wales in regard for theatre for young people. I fear young people growing up outside the larger towns of Wales will never get to see a play, and as a result will not grow into the habit of theatre going because the form will be alien to them.

I urge the Arts Council of Wales-to consider the creation of a National Children's Theatre for Wales that could reach all communities – and children throughout the country.

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