Charles WayIf you have found this website it probably means that you are interested in theatre and in particular theatre for young people, children and their families and I bid you welcome.

Here you will find information about the plays I have been writing over the past thirty years, including plays for adults, adaptations and musicals.

There are synopses of the plays and information about how to get hold of scripts, either for professional or for amateur use.

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News – Summer 2017

New Victory TheatreNivelli’s War had a wonderful run at the New Victory Theatre on New York's BROADWAY.

The New Victory Theatre was beautiful and though built in 1902 was perfectly suited to the play and a modern theatre experience.

Many thanks to Paul McEneany and his wonderful cast – and to all the crew who worked so diligently to get everything just right. Cahoots NI go from strength to strength.

Thanks also to Mary Rose who hosted us at the New Victory and to the Northern Ireland Bureau to the US for all their support.

The BorrowersThe Borrowers has just started rehearsal at the wonderful Polka Theatre in Wimbledon London.

It opens on Friday 16 June and runs to Sunday 20 August. It’s directed by Lee Lyford and promises to be a big production for small people about even smaller people. Enjoy!!

Infinity – I travelled to Consol Theatre, Gelsenkirchen in Germany earlier in the year to watch Andrea Kramer’s very imaginative production of this play for young adults. The play has now been put forward for the prestigious Brothers Grimm Prize 2017.

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